Resisting the Alpha (M/F) ~ Jessica Coulter Smith

03 Mar 24th - resistingthealpha


Bridget Donohue is beyond furious with the meddling alpha of the local wolf pack. He not only crashed her wedding, but scared the groom away. And for what? It isn’t like he’s ready to man up and claim her.

Disgruntled by his attraction, Micah Smythe feels the pull but isn’t willing to bite. Bridget is irrational, mouthy, and temperamental. So why does his body respond every time she’s near? He’s declared her off limits, but the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to keep his hands to himself.

Passion ignites between them, but Bridget refuses to give in to the wolf’s game of seduction. She’s determined to resist the alpha at all costs.


“You’ve never once wondered what it would be like to be with Micah?”

Maybe once or twice. Okay, more like twenty or more times. Not that she would admit to that.

“Nope. Never,” Bridget said as she tossed back another drink.

Josette gave her a sly smile. “Never once wondered what he was hiding under those tight jeans of his?”

Bridget forced her face into a neutral expression. “His jeans are tight? I never noticed.”

“Liar. I totally saw you checking out his butt a few weeks ago. He’s way out of my league, but I have to admit he’s rather yummy. I’ve had a crush on him since I was just a kid, but he’s never noticed me as anything other than a pack mate. And that’s the way it should be. I’m not strong enough to mate with the alpha.”

Bridget’s stomach churned, but there was no way she was jealous over Josette’s infatuation with the alpha. No, it was probably just the whiskey sloshing around in her stomach.

“I hadn’t really noticed him until he came barging into the church today and ruined my wedding. My future.” Anger burned through her again as she thought about the moment Micah had chased off her groom, leaving her standing at the altar like an idiot. She’d led Paul around by his nose since they first started dating. She never would have thought he’d jilt her. But then, she hadn’t counted on a nosy wolf interfering in her life either.

Josette’s look said she clearly didn’t believe Bridget. So she might have checked out his ass. And possibly wondered if his chest felt as muscular as it looked. Maybe wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers through his hair … but not under penalty of death would she ever admit to any of those things. Micah was all wrong for her. He was bossy and too arrogant by far. She’d always liked her men meek and biddable. Even if that wasn’t working out too well for her, it didn’t mean she was going to take on the alpha. He was just too … everything. He’d have her screaming and pulling out her hair within minutes of agreeing to sleep with him.

But if the rumors were to be believed, he’d also leave her in a puddle, a contented puddle, completely boneless with just a kiss. She could only imagine how lethal he was in the bedroom. Bridget shook her head, dislodging those wayward thoughts. No, she wouldn’t think about Micah and a bedroom. That way led to trouble, and she intended to avoid trouble at all costs.

She scanned the bar, everything blurring a bit. Just how much whiskey had she drunk?

“What are you looking for?” Josette asked.

“The lucky bastard who’s going home with me tonight.”

Josette shook her head. “No. I’m not letting you take home some random stranger just because your ego took a hit today. But really, if you’d wanted a groom who could face down an alpha wolf, you shouldn’t have picked someone so spineless. I’m the weakest in my pack and I could have taken Paul.”

Bridget snorted at the image. “Yeah, I bet you could have. Guess we’ll never know now. He’s probably three states away. Chicken-shit.”

“Come on, Bridget. Let’s get you home and tucked into bed. You know what you really want to do is curl up in that nice big bed of yours and sleep it off. You’re going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.”

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Author Bio:

I’ve had many jobs over the years, but not one of them was half as fulfilling as being a writer. Just the act of creating a story, putting the words to paper, brings me joy, but what really makes it all worthwhile is when someone else gets to read it and is allowed to escape from their lives for a short while. Knowing that I’ve made someone laugh, cry, and perhaps even sigh in pleasure, is the greatest joy of all.

When I’m not writing, which isn’t often because quite honestly I’m obsessed, I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. There is one particular furbaby who is near and dear to me (and if you friend me on Facebook, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of him). In my downtime, I suppose I like what most people do – music, movies, books – but the books must always have a happily-ever-after. I can’t abide sad endings.

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Moira Callahan is an Erotic Romance author writing for Evernight Publishing. She currently writes Contemporary M/F stories with an eye on the future as she stretches into other genres. View all posts by Moira Callahan

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