Assignment: Deadline on Love (M/F) ~ Honor James

HAWT MEN IN AND OUT OF UNIFORM03 Mar 27th - deadlineonlove3


Her life is being turned upside down by a stalker. But Piper Davis isn’t the sort to sit around feeling sorry for herself. While the police don’t seem able to do anything, or perhaps they are unwilling, she knows that she can’t ignore what’s going on. Which is where a supremely sexy former service man comes into the picture.

Aeron Cutter is used to thinking by the seat of his pants. Piper Davis definitely threw him for a loop, though. Gorgeous, smart, and quick on her feet, he knows he’ll have his hands full with her. But when he realizes she’s what he’s been missing in his life since coming home, he’ll do anything and everything necessary to keep her safe.

Knowing she can rely on Aeron to keep her safe helps put Piper’s mind at ease. The realization of who’s behind the attacks on Piper will test them both, putting a deadline on their love.


Piper put her hands against Cutter’s head and pulled him closer. She wanted and needed this and knew it. When she pulled back, she felt hot and needy. “I need, god, I need you right now.” She lifted a leg and wrapped it around his lower leg. “Stay with me?” she asked with uncertainty in her voice.

“Hey,” he breathed. “Piper, all you ever have to do is ask, sweetheart.” Sliding his arms around her, Cutter pulled her in close for a hug. When she began to relax a little, he slid his hands down to cup her ass and lifted her up into his arms, stepping in to pin her with his pelvis. “What do you want, sweetheart? Anything at all, as long as you don’t ask for the moon. I’m still a little unsure of how to go about getting that.”

“How about just you in my bed with me? I wouldn’t ask for anything as unattainable as the moon. Just for you to be with me for as long as I can keep you.” She leaned in, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist now, and squeezed. “I just need you. Naked, preferably.”

“Agreed,” he said. Leaning away from the wall, he carried her toward her room, seemingly with very little effort. “I will need to grab my bag, though, it’s got all sorts of goodies like condoms in it because a Marine is always prepared for whatever might arise. Though I only have a couple so we may need to get a little extra creative tonight.”

“More than two would be needed?” She had never heard of anyone being able to come more than once in a night. “Wow.” She rubbed her pants-covered pussy against the front of his slacks and felt the rise of his cock as she did so. “Damn, you are teaching me a lot. I can’t wait to see just how creative that we will be together.”

“Yes, more than two would be needed,” he said. Settling her down on the bed, he laid her out before straightening. “Do not move an inch,” he told her. “I mean it. You can scratch your nose, get a little more comfortable, but nothing more. I’ll know.” With that, he spun on a heel and disappeared from her room.

Piper watched him leave and she bit her lower lip. Never before had anyone told her what to do, and she found she liked it. A lot. Remaining on the bed, she pulled her shirt and bra off and tossed it away, only to then wiggle out of her jeans. She hadn’t moved from where she had been placed, but she did, however, open her thighs wide and ran her fingers over her waxed mound, waiting for him to return. “Hurry up, Cutter, or I’m starting without you.” Damn, she wished she knew his first name. She felt more than a little like a slut, but it felt so right and so natural to be with him, too.

He walked back in, his gaze raking over her until he met her gaze. “Spread your thighs, heels up on the bed, and expose that sweet pussy of yours. You can definitely start, sweetheart. Just know that I intend to watch while you toy with your pretty pussy. Show me,” he demanded. He dropped the bag, his eyes never leaving her as he crouched and began to dig through it.

Piper began to run her fingers over the folds of her pussy, the slickness of her juice making it easier to slide her fingers over and over. She ran her thumb over the hood of her clit, her eyes closing slightly as she lifted her butt slightly and rubbed just a little harder. “Cutter,” she whispered and then opened her eyes to look at him. “What’s your first name?” She once again began to slip her fingers over her folds, dipping one finger into her pussy and letting out a breath of pure pleasure when she did so.

“Eyes on me, Piper,” he said in a sharp tone. She felt his hands on her knees, pressing her legs open wider before he moved her feet slightly. “It’s Aeron, sweetheart. Keep your eyes on me at all times, I want to see you as you pleasure yourself, it’s the best way to know what a woman likes, after all.”

Her eyes were on his. She watched him carefully and moaned. Once again, she dipped a finger to the second knuckle into her weeping pussy and let out a breathy sigh. “Aeron.” She loved the way that his name sounded in her mind and coming off of her lips. “Please.” She also was enjoying him telling her what to do, something she didn’t think she would, but she did. A lot.

“Slide a second finger in there, Piper. Pump them in nice and slow. Make sure you go in deep, rubbing at that sweet spot you have each and every time. That’s it, baby. God, you are so fucking wet,” he said, letting out a low growl. Licking his lips, he stepped back, his hands trailing off her knees, and began to strip as he split his focus between her face and what her hand was doing. “Play with your pink and needy nipples, Piper. Pinch and pluck at those tight little buds.”

She lifted her hand and began to tug and plump her nipples while sliding her other hand against her clit with the heel of her hand and pumped her fingers in and out of her body as she did so. “Aeron.” She watched him as he stripped and began to pant, toying with her body as she did so.

“That’s good, sweetheart. Just like that,” he encouraged her. Dropping his pants, he bent for a moment before straightening and walking to the bed. He tossed something onto her nightstand and something else on her belly. A quick glance showed a condom resting just above her belly button. His hand on his cock, stroking up and down, brought her attention right back to him.

Her mouth began to water as she watched his hand stroking up and down his thick, long cock. “I want to taste you.” She whimpered, her fingers moving faster and pinching harder. She was working her way to her own orgasm but needed to taste him as well. “Aeron, let me?” she begged in need, hunger and desire.

“Only if I get to taste you as well,” he said.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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Moira Callahan is an Erotic Romance author writing for Evernight Publishing. She currently writes Contemporary M/F stories with an eye on the future as she stretches into other genres. View all posts by Moira Callahan

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