Assignment: Saving Sadie (M/F/M) ~ Honor James




Sadie Green has known pain, loss, and been to the lowest of lows. She’s struggled to regain her life after devastation nearly tore her apart. But life continues to test her, forcing her to make a hard call, and seek out assistance when someone comes after her again. What she never expected to find were the men she’d thought to have lost years before.

Bryce Harker and Keagan Bradley have always put duty above their personal feelings. Even when it cost them the only person they could ever love. She’s back in their lives now, and nothing and no one is taking her away again. Even a threat hanging over her head can’t dampen the feelings roaring to life freely once more.

Secrets, lies, and treachery surround the lovers. Their only hope is to be faster, and smarter than the one behind it all. Otherwise they won’t have a prayer of saving Sadie.


“You want to talk to me, or are you going to keep hiding behind that hair of yours?” he asked, his finger rubbing higher on her arm.

“I’m not sure what you want to talk about.” She moved her hair and allowed him to see all of her. She didn’t like it, but he deserved to be able to see her. “I know I look a mess, but I’m okay. It took a long time to get here, but I’m here now.” She had scars that ran up her arms from where she tried to slice her veins open, and succeeded but sadly was found before she could give in to death. Something she was now profoundly grateful for. “I was weak,” she admitted quietly. “After I learned I lost them I hadn’t wanted to go on.” She touched the scars on her arms. “No cross cuts for me. I had truly wanted to leave this life but there was always someone there, or something that kept me here.” She looked at him and smiled a small smile. “I’m glad now, though.” Her smile increased. “Now I get a second chance at love. That’s more important than the grief at the time, right?”

He shifted around, using the buoyancy of the water to his advantage. Keagan cupped her face gently, rubbing his thumbs over her cheeks before letting his hands slide down her throat and then over her shoulders. His fingers ghosted down her arms to capture her hands. Lifting her right one, he leaned in, his gaze locked with hers, and brushed a kiss to her inner wrist. He did the same with her left, and even nipped lightly. “You are beautiful to me, Sadie. You always have been, you always will be,” he said quietly. “I’m not a shallow man, or at least I try not to be, sweetheart. Looks don’t last forever, life or time will always ravage us.”

“That’s why it’s so easy to let you in, both of you, all over again. It hurts that we lost so much, but we live for the here and now from this moment on. Right?” She shivered when he had kissed her wrists and when he nipped, she melted. Moving in closer to him, she touched his chest lightly, running her fingers over his scars and tattoos, and leaned in. She said more without speaking than she ever could by speaking. Her mouth moved across his collar bone and to his neck, nipping ever so lightly as she did so. She had shifted so that she was practically in his lap now, face to face with him once more and loving the feeling of his body against hers. She shivered with the feel of his cock pressing hard against her bare pussy and nipped his lower jaw once again. To her this man was part of her soul that had been missing for far too long. “Is it bad that I never once stopped loving you?” Her words were given as she whispered kisses along his shoulder, her fingers in his hair and holding him close to her body.

“Not in the least,” he said on a low moan. He jolted, and grabbed her hips. “Weight off my leg, love,” he told her in a tight voice. “I can’t handle any pressure on it, Sadie. I hate to stop you, or put a crimp in your plans, but stay over on my right leg. We’ll both me much happier if you do.”

“Sorry.” She shifted so that she was no longer on his left leg and leaned in. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She would never hurt him, she hoped he understood that. “I hate that you are hurting so badly. Is there anything at all that I can do to help you?”

“You could kiss me again,” he suggested with a smile. “Keep your weight off my left leg, and we’ll be fine. You’re still a slight little thing, but even that’s too much for me currently. So give me some loving, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I’m all for kissing you again and again.” She moved in closer to him and brushed her lips over his and nuzzled him slightly. “Especially since it’s been so long since I’ve kissed you.” God, she loved this man, wanted every moment with him she could get.

“Thank God,” he muttered. Catching her lips with his, he kissed her back, teasing her tongue gently. Keagan let out a low growl that seemed to vibrate through her entire being when he pulled her in closer and helped her keep her balance all at the same time.

She was whimpering, rubbing against his erection and then reaching between them and taking him into her hand. “I need you.” She wanted to feel Keagan completing her and had missed him so badly all of these years. “Please tell me you need me as much as I need you?” She knew he did, she could feel how much he wanted and needed her and loved it.

“You know I do, Sadie. Hell, woman, you’re the only one I’ve dreamed of having in my bed again. But we can’t,” he told her in a pained voice. This time she knew it wasn’t from his leg, though. “At least not with me sitting up, and even laying down it’s going to be a tough one.”

“Goodness, very true.” She rubbed her hand up and down his cock. “Then let me at least relieve you of the pressure and ache that you have right now? Let me help you to come? I want to feel every part of your release, please?”

“Turn the jets off,” he told her quietly.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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