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Rise of the Lost Prince, Lost Boys (M/F) ~ London Saint James

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They fight to protect those who would never welcome them into the human world… 

Petúr always knew he and his brothers-in-arms were different. Something more. Something not human. Yet, he never expected to find out the truth of their origins, nor fall for a human woman whose father was set to destroy Neverland.

Ever since she was a child, Wyndi dreamed of an angel with eyes of the purest gold, although she never really believed such a man existed until she met the hauntingly beautiful Petúr of the lost boys.

With a prophecy to fulfill, a woman to protect, a portal to find, and evil darklings out for blood, will Petúr be strong enough to rise up and claim what’s rightfully his, or lose everything to a long-time nemesis, Grapple the Dark?

Be warned:  voyeurism, violence


“Where are we going?” Wyndi asked.

“My room.” Five rapid heartbeats later, they were inside his bedroom with Petúr kicking the door closed behind them. “I need to know something,” he said in his honey tones.

Wyndi glanced up at him from under her lashes, and shivered. He was staring at her with eyes glinting gold. The braid he wore in his hair dangled down the right side of his cheek, tickling her.

“What do you want to know?”


Petúr bent his head, slanted his mouth over hers, tongue tasting the line of her lips until she parted them on an intake of breath. When their flesh met, she closed her eyes. Fireworks exploded inside her head, the luminous sparks floating, then falling, falling, and transitioning into a force crashing down over her—a title wave of longing. She moaned, tasting the summer sky, morning dew, the sweetness of rainbows, sultry nights, and rain storms.

Mind whirling, her body shifting, she was lying on her back, fingers tangled into the nape of Petúr’s satiny hair, the other hand pressed against the steely strength of his shirt-covered chest. Every part of her became aware of him on some sort of molecular level. Yet nothing could have prepared her for what she experienced when he tucked himself between her thighs and groaned. Heat slammed into her core. Her stomach quivered. Her panties dampened. An inferno. Yes, surely it must be an inferno which lapped at her skin while their tongues tangled into infinity.


Petúr was lost in an ocean of sensation, wave after wave, pulling him under. The connection to this woman beneath him was undeniable. Everything about Wyndi filled him up until there was nothing but her. Her taste. Her touch. Her scent. His chest expanded.

Damn, her scent. She tasted better than the cotton candy fragrance that wafted from her skin. Skin. Oh, yes, skin. That’s what he needed, to feel her soft skin against his.

“Wyndi.” He breathed, saddened to break the kiss, reaching over his shoulder, yanking the material of his shirt, lifting up with the other hand, and pulling the garment from over his head. “I must feel your flesh against mine.”

Her tongue darted out, licking her lips. Was she nervous? Well, he’d be the balm to soothe those nerves. He focused on her mouth. Those delicious lips were kiss swollen and moist, making his cock strain even more against the constraint of his pants.

“Okay,” she said in a small, breathy voice, the lids covering her blue eyes at half-mast.

He reached for the hem of the too big nightshirt covering the body he had to see, lifting until he revealed her little white panties and lacy bra covered breasts. Blood raced through his veins. He wanted to do everything with her. To her. Touch all over. Taste every inch of her. Put his fingers and cock into the tight, warm sheath he knew was awaiting him.

Take her. Hell yeah. Those two words became a chant within his mind. He wanted to take his woman in every position he could imagine and then some. His woman? Yes. Yes she was his, or would be. Slow your roll. You don’t want to scare her. He had to maintain. He couldn’t go at her like some out of control beast.

Leaning down, he kissed between the creamy mounds of her cleavage, skimmed his cheek across the apex of her right breast, watching goose bumps scatter across her flesh in a wanton invitation. Unable to stop himself from licking her, he lapped at her in one, long, lingering stroke, from the top edge of the bra, up her collarbone, only stopping because the material he’d lifted hindered his progress being bunched around her neck.

“Oh, hell,” he muttered. “You taste so good.”

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Author Bio:

London Saint James has lived in many places, but never felt “at home” until she met the real-life man of her dreams and settled down in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. London lives with her husband and their fat cat who thinks he owns them.

As an award-winning, bestselling, multi-published author, London is living her childhood dream. She knew all the scribbling she did, that big imagination of hers, and all those clamoring characters running around in her head would pay off someday.

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You can also e-mail London with any questions or comments at London@londonsaintjames.com. She loves to hear from her readers.

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The Treasure Hunters (M/F) ~ Beth D. Carter

From the Author…

Thank you so much for hosting me!  “The Treasure Hunters” started out as a movie script many years ago.  I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer, I just didn’t know in which media my passion lay.  I’ve written poetry and I wrote several movie scripts.  The Treasure Hunters was my last one and it was then that I decided I did NOT want to write in such a limited capacity any more.  So I switched to novels and I’ve been in love ever since.

I adore the Roaring Twenties.  Perhaps I have a past life centered in that time frame.  Everything from the lingo to the “live and die” attitude of the times.  It was a grand time for women, a very liberating movement that began with women’s suffrage.  This is my second book set in this time period, and this time, I tackled the horrible end of that golden age…the Stock Market Crash.  The subsequent weeks after October 29th defined the next decade and the attitude of so many people.

In The Treasure Hunters, my heroine, Ruby, feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Everything she does is with her friends in mind.  So when she finds a treasure map, she’s full steam ahead.  I consider her adventure a little bit Indiana Jones meets Sahara (the Brooke Shields version).  Happy reading!



When the stock market crashes on October 29, 1929, it doesn’t take long for Ruby Talcott to lose everything.  Her father’s shipping legacy slips through her fingers.  Alone, destitute, she packs up her two best friends Eden and Merridie, and takes them to England for a new life.

Working in her family’s warehouse of unclaimed cargo, she foils a plot to steal a map.  But this isn’t just any map…it’s to a lost pirate treasure.  Ruby takes the map for herself and convinces Eden and Merridie to go with her to find the priceless treasure.

She finds Captain Sinclair Dardon, a man also hit hard by the economic turn, to sail them towards adventure.  But Ruby didn’t count on her wild attraction to the handsome Captain.  Nor did she expect he has his own bad guys hunting him.


She was vaguely aware her mouth dropped open. Before her wasn’t the typical scruffy-bearded, dirty boat captain.  This man was young.  And handsome.  More butterflies fluttered in her stomach.  He had short black hair that looked like he’d been running his fingers through it in aggravation.  He needed a shave, but Ruby rather thought his slight whiskers enhanced his looks rather than detracted.  Although he looked tough, he had kind eyes––blue maybe, or green.  It was hard to tell in the muted lantern light.  He was tall, muscular, and when their gazes met her heart stuttered in her chest.

“My name is Sin,” he said, introducing himself, although his gaze stayed locked upon her.

“Literally or figuratively?” Merridie asked dryly.

He winked at her.  “Captain Sinclair Dardon.  Who are you, and how may I help you?”

“I’m Ruby Talcott, and that’s Merridie Morgan and Eden Cariker.  We need passage to Africa,” Ruby said, ignoring the odd excitement gripping her insides.  Now was not the time to get distracted by a pretty face.  Oh, but that was easier said than done, especially once he turned those hypnotizing eyes back her way.

“Why do you think I can help?”

“The registry office has you listed on heading to Africa this morning.  We just need a ride.”

“I’m not a passenger ship.”

“We won’t be passengers,” Ruby insisted.  “We can earn our way.”

The way his gaze traveled up and down her body had her blood heating up and leaving little doubt to what was going through his lascivious mind.

“This isn’t a whorehouse either,” he stated.

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Author Bio:

I like writing about the very ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so my heroines will probably never be lawyers, doctors or corporate highrollers.  I try to write characters who aren’t cookie cutters and push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box.  I love writing characters who are real, complex and full of flaws, heroes and heroines who find redemption through love.

I’ve been pretty fortunate in life to experience some amazing things.  I’ve lived in France, traveled throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  I am a mom to an amazing little boy.  I’m surrounded by friends and family.  I hate washing dishes but I love cooking. I hate washing clothes but I love wearing them. Writing my bio is difficult because I never know what to say so I hope you like this one.  My favorite color is red but I look best in black (it’s slimming).  I hate people who don’t pick up their dog’s crap in public places, people who don’t use turn signals, and I really hate people who are rude and condescending. I especially hate discrimination in all and every form.  And although I love holding a book in my hand, I absolutely adore my e-reader, whom I’ve named Ruby.  I love to hear from readers so I’ve made it really easy to find me on the web:

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