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A Great New Read – Year in Review 2015

2015 ~ A Year in Review

Time to give a shout out to all the authors who allowed me to showcase their fabulous works this year, and for their continued support of this blog. 2015 was a pretty fabulous year all around, both for them and for myself too. While the below is merely a small sampling of all the fabulous books that came out from the various publishers my author friends and colleagues write for, it was a busy year for us all it appears. So let’s take one last look at what came to A Great New Read in 2015 – and here’s hoping 2016 is just as productive.


Assignment: Second Chances (M/F/M) ~ Honor James




Olivia Smith’s heart was broken by Ulysses Jacobs when they were kids. They had their lives planned, but a misunderstanding tore them apart forever, their parents ensuring that they stayed apart as well. Now Olivia’s life has been turned upside down by a monster that she had escaped with three other women years earlier. Her only chance to stay free is to trust in Ulysses one more time.

Life has given her more than bringing Ulysses “Lee” Jacobs back to her though, it’s given her Nathan Gordon, a man she easily and quickly falls for.

These three have to work together to heal old wounds, and stop the monster once and for all before he’s able to destroy the life they are working to create together. Olivia and Lee have to overcome the pain of misunderstanding from the past, face up to the truth of their time as teenagers and learn to accept the love that they have now formed with Nathan.


She leaned back against the man at her back and moaned. This was perfect. That was the moment when she gave in. She gave up to the feelings and simply felt. She felt the impressive erection the male at her back was sporting and felt the desire in the man before her by the way that his hands moved over her breasts and shoulders.

“Much better.” Nathan’s voice was at her back, his hands drifting up and down her sides lightly as she rocked against his cock. Which meant that it was Lee in front of her trailing his mouth slowly down from her breasts, and over her belly. He nibbled on her skin as he got ever closer to where she desperately needed at least one of them to touch her. Nathan’s hands slid up her ribcage to lift, and squeeze her breasts in a gentle massage.

“I’m trying, Sir,” she told Lee and felt Nathan rubbing himself against her ass. Oh she loved it as well. She felt Nathan’s hands move to her breasts again and squeezing her nipples once more. Nathan had no idea how much she loved having her nipples pinched and squeezed. “Thank you, please Sir, again,” she begged.

Pressing his mouth to her neck he bit her lightly as he tweaked her nipples, tugging and giving them a small twist. In front of her Lee was brushing kisses so close to her pussy she could feel the heat of his every breath teasing her engorged clit. Feeling something brushing over her mound it took her a moment to realize it was his nose, and he was breathing in her scent. Something he’d done every single time right before he’d gone down on her.

She hadn’t been surprised then when Lee lifted her leg and put it up over his shoulder. This was a favorite position of his and one she was more than willing to give in to. Her hands remained behind her back and she leaned against Nathan. With the blindfold on she simply relied on her other senses, her sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. She moaned then when Lee’s mouth finally closed over her pussy.

His tongue slid slowly over her folds. She was so wet already, both from Nathan’s tricky fingers, and from her need. But having him licking her only made her more turned on. His mouth settled over her clit to suckle while he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. He began to pump them in and out slowly.

Behind her Nathan moved slightly, his hands sliding over her skin until he bent her forward just a little. One hand on her shoulder kept her from falling over. When his hand landed on her ass on a firm slap she jolted. Between the two men and their holds on her she barely moved though.

With one leg over Lee’s shoulder and her body only being held up by Nathan’s body she cried out in need. She loved the feelings that he was giving her, the way that it felt having Lee’s fingers inside of her body and then his mouth on her clit had her sobbing. Her hands shook behind her, she was barely holding herself together and keeping the stance she knew Lee wanted her to be in right then. With her hands behind her back and her body wide open for him and his every touch.

Tilting his head slightly Lee’s teeth scraped her clit lightly while Nathan slapped her ass again. She felt Lee pressing another finger into her pussy, stretching her more, and driving her higher. If she’d had the balance she’d likely have been up on her toes from the sensations pouring through her body.

“She’s close,” Nathan said behind her.

Lee only hummed, the vibrations stroking over her clit.

“Please,” she whispered as the men worked her body fiercely. “May I come?” She knew Lee, knew that she couldn’t come without his permission and she was so close. She was ready to let go and fly but only when he allowed her to. She was breathing methodically, in a way that Lee had taught her so very long ago, and it was the only thing that kept her from orgasming right then and there.

Nathan pulled her back to his chest again, his hands sliding over her breasts to cup them. His fingers pinched her nipples hard. She felt a small movement from Lee. “Come now, Olivia,” Nathan said in her ear as he tugged on her nipples.

Olivia then let go. She allowed herself to orgasm and the scream that tore free from her lips told them just how long she had waited for that moment. She felt the utter bliss as it rushed through her veins, the pure pleasure that smacked every single pleasure center in her brain and made it stand up and take notice. She loved every single second of that rippling orgasm that filled her.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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Assignment: Code of Love (M/F/M) ~ Honor James


06 Jun 23rd - codeoflove


Attacked, kidnapped, and held against her will, Clara Smith managed to survive a psychopath and his games. But the past is coming back to haunt her and the other women from those horribly dark days. There’s only one man she could ever trust to look out for her, and when he’s assigned to watch over her she’s hoping they can get beyond the pain from their past.

Elliott Timmons will always protect Clara no matter what the cost to him. He did it ten years ago, and he’s about to do it again. With his best friend and teammate Craig Yoshi watching his back again, he’s going to do whatever it takes to protect Clara from the newest threat, and maybe heal the wounds still haunting them both.

While Craig doesn’t know the indescribably beautiful Clara as well as his friend, he senses an indomitable spirit he wants in his life. Now all they have to do is survive what comes next.


“Geez,” he breathed out. She heard something wet hit the tile. A quick look showed he’d slammed a hand out to the wall. His other hand pushed into her hair to hold onto the strands tightly while she sucked on his cock.

If she could have smiled she would have. As it was she just used her tongue, swirling it around his cockhead, and moved her head so that she could suck up and down on his cock. While she teased him and worked his beautiful dick her hand moved to his balls and began to gently caress them, teasing them and playing with them. She sucked hard the harder he tugged her hair, and eased when he eased on her hair.

“Holy hell woman,” he got out with a long groan. “You have a fantastic mouth,” he told her. He was panting slightly, his hand tightening in her hair even more as he began to rock his hips to push his cock further into her mouth.

She was glad that he was enjoying this because she was. She moved on his cock like it was a lollipop, licking and sucking and teasing his balls while she did so. It was when she began to moan that she dropped her other hand to her clit and began to rub at the tight bundle of nerves. God help her but just doing this to Craig had her close, had her ready to come and she was just getting started.

He tugged on her hair hard enough to pull her off his cock. “Up now,” he said in a rough tone. He moved slightly and turned her to face the wall. “Bend over, ass in the air, legs apart and brace yourself. Now.”

Clara knew that tone. It was Craig’s Dom tone and she would gladly do anything that he told her to do in that moment. She got into position as he told her, her ass sticking out in the air for him, and waited. She didn’t speak, just waited.

Craig smoothed a hand over her ass, down over her thigh, and lightly over her pussy. The touch disappeared for a moment, and then his hand came down over her ass hard. He slapped her ass again, and then a couple more times, each a little harder than the last.

Clara moaned and pushed back against his hand. Her head dropped and she whimpered. Finally she licked her lips and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” He was in that mode. It hadn’t had to be said because she knew it. They had all spent the last couple of weeks getting to know each other inside and out and this was only one aspect of what she had learned.

“You are most welcome, Clara,” he said while stroking a finger lightly between her buttocks. “Would you like more?” he asked her. His finger was rubbing against her anus gently but never dipped down to where she was aching.

“Yes, please, Sir.” She didn’t hold her breath. Instead she held onto the knowledge that soon he would be taking her to heaven and she would love every single moment of it. “Anything that you wish to give me, Sir.”

His hand landed harder on her ass in six sharp slaps to various parts of her bottom so no two slaps were in the same place. When he was done he lightly stroked her skin while she squirmed slightly under his touch. He gave her another six hard slaps, enough that her ass was tingling, and warm.

“Thank you, Sir, that’s so very nice.” She was whimpering. God she wanted to reach down and touch her clit. She wanted to rub that little bundle of nerves so that she could climax. She was just on the edge. She was riding the ridge of her release but couldn’t go over, not without Craig with her.

He smoothed his hand slowly up her back, and then back down. Craig moved it down between her buttocks, between her folds, and he lightly brushed her clit. Not enough to get her off, but definitely enough to have her curling her toes in desperate need.

“Please, Sir,” she whispered and widened her thighs just a bit more. “That feels so good.” His touch, everything, all of it. “Again, please touch my clit again.” She needed more, “Please, Sir, fill me up.” She broke. She had to have him, now.

“You are not in charge here,” he said in a firm tone. His hand landed on her ass again harder, though. He rained a number of slaps to her ass, warming it up until she was ready to explode from her orgasm. But it still wasn’t enough, she needed more stimulation.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She knew she wasn’t in charge, she knew that she shouldn’t have said that but she hadn’t been able to help herself. She was so close. “I’m sorry, Sir, this body is yours to control. Yours to give pleasure to.” Because he always would, without a shadow of a doubt he would always ensure she was sated.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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Assignment: Saving Sadie (M/F/M) ~ Honor James




Sadie Green has known pain, loss, and been to the lowest of lows. She’s struggled to regain her life after devastation nearly tore her apart. But life continues to test her, forcing her to make a hard call, and seek out assistance when someone comes after her again. What she never expected to find were the men she’d thought to have lost years before.

Bryce Harker and Keagan Bradley have always put duty above their personal feelings. Even when it cost them the only person they could ever love. She’s back in their lives now, and nothing and no one is taking her away again. Even a threat hanging over her head can’t dampen the feelings roaring to life freely once more.

Secrets, lies, and treachery surround the lovers. Their only hope is to be faster, and smarter than the one behind it all. Otherwise they won’t have a prayer of saving Sadie.


“You want to talk to me, or are you going to keep hiding behind that hair of yours?” he asked, his finger rubbing higher on her arm.

“I’m not sure what you want to talk about.” She moved her hair and allowed him to see all of her. She didn’t like it, but he deserved to be able to see her. “I know I look a mess, but I’m okay. It took a long time to get here, but I’m here now.” She had scars that ran up her arms from where she tried to slice her veins open, and succeeded but sadly was found before she could give in to death. Something she was now profoundly grateful for. “I was weak,” she admitted quietly. “After I learned I lost them I hadn’t wanted to go on.” She touched the scars on her arms. “No cross cuts for me. I had truly wanted to leave this life but there was always someone there, or something that kept me here.” She looked at him and smiled a small smile. “I’m glad now, though.” Her smile increased. “Now I get a second chance at love. That’s more important than the grief at the time, right?”

He shifted around, using the buoyancy of the water to his advantage. Keagan cupped her face gently, rubbing his thumbs over her cheeks before letting his hands slide down her throat and then over her shoulders. His fingers ghosted down her arms to capture her hands. Lifting her right one, he leaned in, his gaze locked with hers, and brushed a kiss to her inner wrist. He did the same with her left, and even nipped lightly. “You are beautiful to me, Sadie. You always have been, you always will be,” he said quietly. “I’m not a shallow man, or at least I try not to be, sweetheart. Looks don’t last forever, life or time will always ravage us.”

“That’s why it’s so easy to let you in, both of you, all over again. It hurts that we lost so much, but we live for the here and now from this moment on. Right?” She shivered when he had kissed her wrists and when he nipped, she melted. Moving in closer to him, she touched his chest lightly, running her fingers over his scars and tattoos, and leaned in. She said more without speaking than she ever could by speaking. Her mouth moved across his collar bone and to his neck, nipping ever so lightly as she did so. She had shifted so that she was practically in his lap now, face to face with him once more and loving the feeling of his body against hers. She shivered with the feel of his cock pressing hard against her bare pussy and nipped his lower jaw once again. To her this man was part of her soul that had been missing for far too long. “Is it bad that I never once stopped loving you?” Her words were given as she whispered kisses along his shoulder, her fingers in his hair and holding him close to her body.

“Not in the least,” he said on a low moan. He jolted, and grabbed her hips. “Weight off my leg, love,” he told her in a tight voice. “I can’t handle any pressure on it, Sadie. I hate to stop you, or put a crimp in your plans, but stay over on my right leg. We’ll both me much happier if you do.”

“Sorry.” She shifted so that she was no longer on his left leg and leaned in. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She would never hurt him, she hoped he understood that. “I hate that you are hurting so badly. Is there anything at all that I can do to help you?”

“You could kiss me again,” he suggested with a smile. “Keep your weight off my left leg, and we’ll be fine. You’re still a slight little thing, but even that’s too much for me currently. So give me some loving, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I’m all for kissing you again and again.” She moved in closer to him and brushed her lips over his and nuzzled him slightly. “Especially since it’s been so long since I’ve kissed you.” God, she loved this man, wanted every moment with him she could get.

“Thank God,” he muttered. Catching her lips with his, he kissed her back, teasing her tongue gently. Keagan let out a low growl that seemed to vibrate through her entire being when he pulled her in closer and helped her keep her balance all at the same time.

She was whimpering, rubbing against his erection and then reaching between them and taking him into her hand. “I need you.” She wanted to feel Keagan completing her and had missed him so badly all of these years. “Please tell me you need me as much as I need you?” She knew he did, she could feel how much he wanted and needed her and loved it.

“You know I do, Sadie. Hell, woman, you’re the only one I’ve dreamed of having in my bed again. But we can’t,” he told her in a pained voice. This time she knew it wasn’t from his leg, though. “At least not with me sitting up, and even laying down it’s going to be a tough one.”

“Goodness, very true.” She rubbed her hand up and down his cock. “Then let me at least relieve you of the pressure and ache that you have right now? Let me help you to come? I want to feel every part of your release, please?”

“Turn the jets off,” he told her quietly.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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Grand Oak Springs series Blog Tour (M/F/M) ~ Grace Ryles

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

It started with an arrangement, temporary, no-strings-attached sex. On a journey to find herself, Emma Daniels never expected to fall into bed with two broody men for a little dominance play. Giving up her dreams of finding the one thing she has always wanted…a family, Emma decides to embark on a month long NSA sex with brothers Ryder and Chase.


Emma finds herself falling for the hotties and wanting more, but their scarred past hinders them from giving her what she wants. Chase and Ryder Freeman have sworn off women, apart from one singular exception, sex. Meeting Emma, they never expected for her to stir those old emotions, the ones they kept buried deep inside. Determined not to give into those old feelings, they propose a compromise, one month, no strings attached. Can these three finally overcome the hurt of their past or will they succumb to it? Will Emma finally get what she always wanted by claiming her temporary men?

 A Siren Erotic Romance

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Chase made it to the station a few minutes later after leaving Emma’s cabin. He hated that he had to go into work. It was something he tried not to do, let work invade his personal life. But sometimes the best intentions didn’t matter much, when you worked in the public sector. It wasn’t until hours later that he was finally finished with the logistics of what went down. According to the coroner, there was no foul play, but Chase believed that this was not just another natural death case. But with nothing to go on, he was at a loss as to proceed further. Pulling his truck into the garage, he couldn’t wait to take a shower and head to bed.
Ryder was the in the living room when he walked in and he could tell his brother had been drinking. He had been for a while if the bottles that lined the table were any indication. It didn’t look good. Anytime Ryder was in a funk he drank and heavily. Chase thought things were looking up but it seemed like his brother was going to run scared. He wasn’t at all in the mood to deal with his brother’s crap, but he was all he had and if they were ever going to move on, he had to make Ry realize a few truths.
“Started early?” he asked, walking in and taking one of the unopened Jack Daniels bottles, opening it and taking a swig. The liquid burned as it went down and his belly warmed.
“Nope only a couple of hours, have a lot shit on my mind.” Okay, here it goes.
“Like what? How long have you been here wallowing, Ry? You can’t keep doing this, you can’t run this time. This has to stop, talk to me,” he implored his younger brother.
“And say what, Chase? I was a damn fool for falling for that bitch, or should I admit, it wasn’t love but just an obsession. It wasn’t even her I was obsessed with it was the idea of finally finding a woman to accept us as more than a fuck toy.”
“If that is what you feel, Ry, then say it. Scream it even, if you have to. She played us both, we let our guard down, and it’s in the past where it should stay. You’re not still angry because she backstabbed us, and you’re upset because you had no control over the situation. Because of that you have been punishing yourself. Punishing me.” It hurt Chase to hurt his brother, but in order to save him from himself, he had to be honest. “Been thinking, and you want to know what I have concluded? I think that, I’ve been ready to start again, but have held back because we have always dreamed of sharing a woman. Finding that perfect mate that would let us love and take care of her, it’s what we have always wanted. We can have that with Emma, if we only try.”
“What if I don’t want that? Are you going to leave me alone?” There was vulnerability and anger laced in Ryder’s questions. “You know what I am like, I can’t not have control, I let it slip for a while and look what happened. We lost almost everything because of that slip, won’t happen again.”
“Ryder, you’re taking all the blame instead of sharing it, we both fell for something because we placed our hearts on the line. It was an infatuation for what we could have, but it wasn’t real. What we have now with Emma, this is real. She wants nothing from us, just us. Can’t you see that?”
“Maybe, but what happens when the novelty of having two men wears off, what then? How can you be so sure Emma would want forever?” His once strong brother sounded defeated. Chase felt guilty that he didn’t force this issue sooner and let Ryder wallow in the mistakes they both had made.
“There’s no way to be absolutely sure. But we will never know unless we take that chance. Will you take that chance?” He loved his brother, but he couldn’t continue to live his life void of love and compassion. Minutes passed before Ryder spoke. Chase was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get through to his younger brother, but maybe the man he was years ago was still in there somewhere. He knew there was an internal battle that raged in his brother’s head. Ryder was hardened because of his life experiences, but his knew his brother would come around. In the time they had both spent with Emma he began to notice the changes in Ry. He was more carefree and happy, like he had been all those years ago. Finally when he spoke Chase knew everything was going to be alright.
“I’ll take that chance.”




“Good girl, my sweet little sub.” Chase stroked a hand on the top of her head and she purred in delight. “Still, it won’t prevent you from being punished. We both need for you to remove your clothing and assume the correct position for a sub. Is that understood?” Her pussy gushed at his command and readied itself for his male intrusion. She didn’t know why but when they commanded her, her pussy creamed, dying for them to own her body.
“Yes, Chase. I understand.”
With that she stood and began to remove her clothing. Neither Ryder nor Chase said a word while she undressed. But their eyes spoke volumes. She could see their hungry expression and the pulsating veins of their cocks as they hardened further. Deep purple and red cock heads, glistened with pre-cum, making her mouth water. Taking her time to fold the clothes and gently lay them on the couch, Emma knelt and waited their instruction.
Ryder was so hard he almost said fuck it with the punishment and claimed the crap out of Emma the minute she undressed. He almost regretted the fact that he had to give her the punishing blows, but start as you mean to go was a motto he lived by. Chase didn’t say anything to contradict his edict and therefore it meant his brother was on the same page. Chase’s eyes met his and a silent conversation passed between them.
“Good girl.” Ryder took a seat in the center of the couch and patted his lap. “Come up here and lie across my thighs.” She readily followed his order and gently draped herself over his thighs, placing her ass in the position he needed. Her movements were fluid, her submission given so naturally. Tonight was new for them, they wanted to make it known that they wanted Emma and not just for fun, but for something more serious than they had contemplated in as many years. But even more so tonight was the night they would begin to train her to take his cock and Chase’s in her anus. “You look gorgeous knelt on the floor, waiting for my command,” he spoke as he caressed a hand down the length of her back towards her desirable ass. Emma arched into his touch and pushed her ass into his palm, as his hand passed over her voluptuous globes. His hands continued to skim around the soft flesh, warming it before the blows would start. “Do you remember me saying, one day soon I would take this ass?” He ended the question with a little pop to her right cheek. Emma squirmed. Before she could answer he continued. “Tonight, Chase is going to prepare you after you receive your punishment and if you’re a good girl and take what we give, maybe there will be a reward at the end.” He continued to warm up her skin with small little smacks to each of her cheeks. Just when she started pushing back into his hands, he changed the pressure and smacked down on her right cheek, hard.
“Oh God,” Emma called out.
The sensations of Ryder’s hands skimming and slapping at her bare ass felt wonderful. He never hit the same area twice and spread the warmth to each cheek. Just as soon as he settled on a rhythm, he changed the pressure and the blow landed hard across her cheek. He didn’t pause nor did he deviate, Ryder kept landing blow after blow to her poor backside. After about ten smacks, he paused briefly to gauge how she was feeling and to tell her that she was doing a good job, and that they were just about done. Emma could barely answer, the fire that encompassed her backside hurt, but not over much what she could take. Even though it was painful it didn’t stop Emma’s traitorous body from responding. Her body lay lazed over Ryder’s lap, legs opening slightly so that she was aware of how drenched she was. She reveled in the sensations, her body flying higher than ever before. Several more hits and then Ryder stopped. No longer were his hands delivering the painful blows but massaging in the heat. It gave her a calm sense of assurance. She floated away.



Finding Holland (Grand Oak Springs, #3)A betrayal six years ago sent Holland Mathers’s world spinning. Forcing her to flee the only place she’d ever known and the only men she’d ever loved. Vowing to move on from the past lands her in a local dungeon being manhandled by her date, Mitchel. The men who come to her rescue are none other than the objects of her desire, the men she thought she’d lost forever.

Adrian Reyes and Oliver Edwards have loved Holland ever since the day they found her on the side of the road. Their relationship lasted only six months, but that was enough for them to spend all of their time searching for her when she fled their small town, without an explanation. Knowing that without her they will never be complete, they are determined to show her that their love can overcome whatever she is hiding from them.

A chance encounter leads them to reuniting again, but things aren’t that simple. Can they find a way back into her heart and bed or will they lose her forever?

** A Siren Erotic Romance


“You want this cock, doll? You want me to shove it down your throat so you can swallow my cum?” She nodded her assent.
Walking right into her personal space, Adrian smeared his seed across her lips, temping her to open for him. “Go ahead, Holland. Show me what I’ve been missing. You know how I like it, baby.” She parted for him and he felt his first taste of heaven in six years. Her pert little tongue poked out and licked up the drop of pre-cum leaking from his tip. She delved into the slit begging for more of his cream. That wicked tongue then snaked around the head, slurping, tasting his flavor. “God, baby doll. So damn good, take me deep now.” Without any hesitation, Holland took him deeper into the recess of her mouth. He knew his cock was too big for that tiny orifice but that wouldn’t stop him from making her take more of him, as much as her little mouth could handle. With enough training she would take him all in a single pass. He continued to let her explore, taking him into her mouth in long passes, then hollowing out her cheeks on each withdrawal. Normally he wouldn’t allow this much control, he needed to be the leader, the one in charge, but right now he would indulge her. Give her this chance to become accustomed to his girth this one time. When she was finally ready to enter into the type of relationship they had previously, he would fuck her mouth with intemperance. For now he would enjoy the ride.
The feel of her walls contracting to keep him in as he withdrew was enough to send Oliver over the edge. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself not to come too soon. It had been so long since he had felt her tight wet heat. At first he forced himself to go slow, take his time to ease her into the feel of his large shaft fucking her. But once she gave him her consent he couldn’t hold back. He continued to shuttle into her, hitting every wall and the sensitive tissues of her pussy. Angling slightly, he positioned himself to hit the one place he knew would send her over the edge. He wanted her wanton and so filled with pleasure that she would never deny them again. Oliver just had to hold back long enough to get her off. It was almost too much for him when Holland started sucking Adrian. He knew how that mouth felt, dreamt of it. And right now Adrian was taking full advantage of that pleasure. He wanted to share it with Holland, but how would she feel? Was it too soon to introduce her to this new dynamic, one in which he was just as intimate with Adrian? He hoped not.
Removing his hands from her hips, Oliver slowed his pace. Determine to keep them both on the edge until he tested his theory. His thick fingers massaged as they moved up her spine, to finally rest against her nape. Gripping softly first then with more pressure he leaned down to whisper into her ear. “Our beautiful girl. I love watching you suck on our Master. It makes me so fucking hot, I want to share him with you Holly. Will you let me have a little taste?”
Holland faltered in her movements. What did Oliver just say? He wanted to taste Adrian. She knew that was something they must have done often, but it still shocked her. How did it make her feel, honestly? Oliver licking and sucking on Adrian’s hard dick, feeling the thick veins, tasting his woodsy essences, swallowing him deep…God! Just the thought sent a sharp current of electricity to her core, causing her muscle to contract around Oliver’s rigid member. It didn’t repulse her in the slightest and to be honest she wanted that. Wanted to share Adrian with Oliver. Pulling free of the cock in her mouth, she turned her head slightly, took in his desire-ridden eyes. “Show me…I want to see you, please, Master.”
Oliver’s eyes hooded further and Holland knew that she pleased him with her words. Oliver swooped down and took her mouth in a drugging kiss. Latching on for dear life, sucking at her tongue, nipping with his teeth. Surrounding her further, allowing her to melt into the moment. When he was finished he sought out Adrian’s cock. He didn’t have to search for long. It was hard and waiting for them, her saliva mixed with Adrian’s salty liquid coasted the shaft. Adrian took himself in hand and guided his cock to Oliver’s slightly parted lips. She watched as Oliver wasted no time, there was no pretense.
He simply inhaled the cock in front of him, taking Adrian deeper than she ever could. His mouth hollowed, taking the other man to the back of his throat in one single long pass. Holland could see Oliver’s throat working as he swallowed, massaged and grunted but never stopped powering into her. His thrust had slowed, but now they regained the speed he had lost. One hand left her nape and reached down to tug at her dark lover’s balls. His movements weren’t as tender or as graceful as Holland’s had been. He was frantic, all male, and Holland relished in his hard possession of her body. The other hand on her nape snaked around and held her throat in a tight grip, choking her for a heartbeat of a second. Then his hand relaxed and Holland sucked in a harsh breath. Oliver repeated this action, making her wetter than before, her cream running freely down her thighs. The eroticism of the moment drugging her. She was frenzied, hyperaware of each and every one of her senses.
The sensation of Oliver fucking her with all the grace of a wild animal, his hand wrapped around her throat making her feel so very vulnerable, the complete abandon in which he sucked on Adrian and God the sounds they made sent her skyrocketing. She had been kept on edge for too long, the desire built and crashed over her. Hurtling her into a world where she could only feel. Her pussy contracted, milking Oliver, begging for his semen. Wanting him to complete his possession of her, to feel his warm heat flood her system, But it didn’t come, he didn’t stop fucking her. And soon he was building her up again, another climax on the horizon.
“Oliver, fuck your mouth, love. Suck me, suck me hard but don’t let me come. I want to share that with our special girl.” Adrian looked down, his eyes finding hers. Showing her with those green orbs how much this moment meant to him.. “Baby doll, I want you to drink me down. Oliver is going to get me to the brink and then I want you to swallow me, take my cum into your mouth.” That seemed to spur Oliver on further. His head bobbed faster. Adrian threw his head back, groaning loudly in the empty room. “Fuck, love, let go, share me with Holland.” Oliver’s hand that had been tugging on Adrian reached out, took the shaft from his mouth, and thrust it in her face. Holland opened her mouth just as Oliver gripped her hair and led her to Adrian’s pulsating cock. Sealing her lips around the engorged flesh, she brought him as far as she could and swallowed, working her throat around the tight fit. Seconds later Adrian roared in completion, his hot semen splashing her throat. Holland rushed to swallow his semen but the orgasm was too much and it spilled from between her lips, dribbling down to her chin.
The savageness of the moment spurred her on, sending her headfirst into one of the most explosive climaxes of her life. Adrian’s softening cock slipped from her mouth but before long Oliver was there tilting her face toward him. “I need a taste,” was all he said before he began licking the dribbles of semen that had escaped her mouth.


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