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Aaron’s Saving Grace (MM) ~ Tamsin Baker

10 Oct 8th - aaronssavinggrace1l


Ranch Men, 1

Aaron Whitman’s basic ranching life changed two hundred years ago when his father made him and his brothers vampires, and his mother cursed them all for his father’s sin. They cannot leave the family ranch and they must drink from the longhorns that are their livelihood.

But a lot has changed since his mother’s original spell was cast. The blood of their cattle is barely sustaining them and the mining companies are closing in on their ranch.

Joshua Miers is a lawyer, hired by Ash Mining to acquire the Whitman’s farm. He soon realizes something is very strange about Aaron and becomes rapt up in a world of paranormal survival and the love of a man who defies all common sense.

Will Josh help to save the Whitman brothers when a fire threatens all of their lives? Or will he choose the life he has always known and the job he has worked his whole life for?

Be warned:  m/m sex, rimming


“It’s full moon. I’ve put the cattle in the house yard for you, Aaron.”

Bill tapped his hat and headed out the front door once again, the man a true blessing on every front.

Full moon. Oh this could be interesting.

“The cattle?”

Aaron ran his hand through his hair and turned back towards the man he wanted to be his lover. He was now standing and shifting from foot to foot.

“Yes. I hadn’t told you much about the way we have to live yet. You know that our mother cursed us to only drink the blood of our bulls?”

Josh rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah, you said something like that, although I still have a lot of questions about that.”

Aaron grinned at his lawyer. He’d be disappointed if Josh didn’t.

“Well, when we were first made, our thirst was intense and our control was very low. We killed the original bull that first night and some of the other cattle. After a few more nights of feeding we realized that we were about to lose our life source and quickly turned things around. We weaned ourselves to almost starvation and began a breeding program from the blood lines of the bull.”

Josh put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot against the hard wood floor.

“You say you can only drink cattle blood, but you keep biting me. What’s with that?”

Aaron waved his hand to dismiss the question. He had more important things to deal with, and that particular answer involved admitting something pretty colossal to his mate. “We can talk about that later. That’s something new. But I certainly don’t feed on you, do I?”

Josh shook his head. “No, it’s barely a drop … yeah, ok, I think I’m getting it. So now, two hundred years later, allegedly, you’re all still here. So what’s with the cattle?”

Aaron took a deep breath, he body singing with happiness since ingesting another taste of Josh’s blood. He needed to explain what was about to happen, yet he knew his human wasn’t going to like this. Josh’s distrust ate at him like a cancer, yet he pushed forward.

“Once a month we all take an older cow that is past its prime and drain it.”

Josh’s mouth formed an O, and he gasped.


Aaron growled at Josh, hating the accusation in his eyes. “You don’t know what it’s like, Josh, so don’t look at me with those eyes, please. You asked why, and I’ll give you the answer. Because living off reheated rations is hell. It’s bad enough that we have to live off animals, but not ever being able to feed properly is like being a human being fed through a food peg in the gut.”

Josh began to pace. Up and down, up and down. His hands clenching and unclenching at his sides.

David stepped into the room. “Brother, we’re all going out the back. You joining us?”

Aaron didn’t want to tell them that he’d just tasted Josh so he didn’t need to. He didn’t want to be separated from them yet, or make them feel like he’d abandoned them, so he just nodded at his brother. “Yes, I’ll be there in a moment.”

Josh looked between them and clenched his jaw so hard a muscle popped in his cheek. “I wanna watch.”

Oh, hell no. He may not want to abandon his brothers, but alienating his blood mate was the last thing he wanted to do. “No you fucking don’t! You’ll be sick.”

Josh shook his head, his belligerent look one as old as time. His jaw was set and thrust forward, his eyes cold and stubborn. “No, I won’t. You say you’re a vampire, and I don’t really believe you despite those weird teeth of yours.”

Aaron’s heart sped up and thumped against his chest. It was a very foreign feeling. He hadn’t been scared in centuries. “No, I don’t want you disgusted by us. You know you’re important to me.”

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Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the ‘good bits’.
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood.
When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.

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Her One and Only Dom (M/F) ~ Tamsin Baker

05 May 20th - heroneandonlydom1lBlurb:

Simone graduated from university with three important things: her degree, her virginity still intact, and a case of unrequited love to make life complete. Her professor, Patrick Smythe is everything she wants in a man.

After building up the courage to ask him out at the graduation ball, she is mortified when he rejects her. Six months later, her best friend drags her along to a BDSM club and Simone realizes why the sexy professor gave her the brush off. He’s a Dom at the club.

Patrick has never found a woman who can fulfil all of his needs in and out of the bedroom. Simone wants to be this woman, but can she succeed when they come from such different worlds?

Be warned: BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys


“Tell me more about why you haven’t dated before, Simone.”

She smiled and kept his gaze, no fear showing in her eyes. “I dated Patrick, a few people throughout high school and uni.”

Anger and a small amount of fear spread through his belly. She had lied to him? “You told me you didn’t.”

She chuckled softly and picked up a piece of garlic bread.

“I told you I was a virgin, and I was. I have barely let anyone do more than kiss me. So stop looking at me like that.”

Throwing in the towel so to speak, amazed at his lack of control with this woman, he poured more wine into his glass.

“I think I’m jealous that anyone has touched you.”

She laughed at that and he felt heat fill his cheeks. That would teach him for being honest.

She reached across the table, taking some of the sting out of her laugh with the squeeze of her hand on his.

“I didn’t mean to laugh honey, but seriously? You’ve probably slept with more people than you can count and you’re jealous just because I kissed a few guys?”

Patrick smiled, guilty as charged. “Are you telling me I’m being a hypocrite?”

She laughed again and ran her nails over the back of his hand.

“I love that you’re jealous. It means you care.”

Patrick turned his hand over and gripped her fingers. He instinctively knew that this was one of those defining moments in a relationship He’d never been jealous before, hadn’t cared about anyone enough to be upset when they moved on. This was very different. “I do care Simone. You are amazing.”

She drew back and he instantly wanted her hand back in his.

“So you’ll teach me more about the subby stuff?”

Patrick laughed, he couldn’t help it. She made it sound so basic.

“Yes, I’ll teach you everything. What I need, how to please me.”

Her eyes sparked and her mouth flattened into a straight line. Oh how he was going to love teaching her.

“And in return I will give you more pleasure and make you feel treasured beyond your wildest dreams.”

Something changed inside her eyes when he said that and the frown disappeared to be replaced by a shy smile. “But you’ll go easy on me to start with?”

Patrick nodded, serious now. “It’s my job to push your limits, but you always need to feel safe. If you say stop, we stop, that never changes.”

Their dinner arrived and Patrick ate his steak while Simone enjoyed her risotto.

They finished the wine and Patrick called the waiter over. “Dessert?”

Simone shook her head and held her belly. “No thank you, I’m so full.”

He placed some cash in the leather binder containing the bill and smiled as wickedly as possible. He would be fine to drive, though handling a flogger may be a problem. “Home then?”

She nodded and stood, swaying gently on her small heels.

He tucked her into his arm and led her to the car. When he opened the door she fell into it, giggling away. He shook his head, but couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

Once he had the car started and they were driving back to his home, he asked her, “You didn’t have that much to drink. Why are you giggling so much?”

She slid her hand over his thigh, a little too close to his aching cock.

“I’m just happy, Patrick, and it feels so good to laugh.”

Almost home, almost home. “Well, I’m sure I can make you feel better.”

Her hand stilled and he looked over at her quickly, she was worried about something.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

Simone slid her hand up to his crotch and stroked the flesh that was rapidly hardening. “Actually, I’m sore. Like really sore. Could you teach me some things I could do to pleasure you?”

Visions of Simone on her knees swam into Patrick’s vision and he groaned as blood flooded his groin. “Oh, I can think of a thing or two I can teach you that will give your sore bits a rest.”

“How about you drive me home and you teach me in the car?”

Though Patrick’s heart rate sped up at the idea, his eyebrows furrowed into a frown. “I like to be comfortable, Simone, and you should be too.”

She giggled and began to unbuckle his leather belt. “Oh, please, Patrick. I’ve always been such a good girl and never fooled around with anyone. Please?”

Well, how was he going to say no to that? He nodded and released a groan as she released his belt and unzipped him, his eager cock pulsing with pleasure as it sprang from its confines.


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Evernight  ~  Bookstrand  ~  Amazon (US)  ~  All Romance

Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the ‘good bits’.
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood.
When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.

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Stalking the Pharmacist, Perfect Pairs 2 (M/F/M) ~ Tamsin Baker

02 Feb 18th - stalking-pharmcist


The voluptuous Ashleigh flies into a small town at the base of the Rockie Mountains for two reasons; One, a holiday to clear her head and give her some space from her abusive ex-husband. Two, to attend her gorgeous cousin’s wedding. The last thing she expects to see is her beloved cousin Laura marrying two men, and to find herself irrationally attracted to another pair of twins.

Scientist Scott and Football-coach Jack are a perfect pair of Rockie Mountain lion shifters, who made the horrible decision when they were young to break from tradition. They each married a woman who made their lives miserable rather than search for their destined mate, and now into their mid forties they’re struggling with their everyday life.

All the signs show them that Ash is their true mate. Jack is eager and ready to chase, but Scott’s scars run deep. Will they be able to overcome their past to create a new future?

Be warned:  menage sex (MFM), anal sex


“You came!” Laura cried and threw her arms around the woman in silver, who laughed and hugged her back.

Come on, come on.

Laura pulled back and stared at her cousin.

“You look like shit, Ash.”

Jack frowned at Laura. That wasn’t a nice thing to say to her cousin, let alone a woman that beautiful. Jack’s balls tightened as he took in her voluptuous figure. He usually dated women who were ultra fit and trained hard to minimize their body fat.

He was instantly converted to women with fuller figures. Such incredible breasts and lush hips should be admired, not exercised into nonexistence.

He’d never look at a woman’s body the same way again.

The woman Laura had called Ash, sighed. “Thanks, sweetie, I know. Whereas you look bloody fantastic.”

Laura did a twirl and stuck her hip out at an angle. Cheeky woman.

“Why thank you, darling. The love of a good man…and all that.”

Ash quirked an eyebrow at Laura. “Or men, perhaps?”

Laura blushed and stared at her cousin, her mouth tugging down. “Yeah…well…”

Ash, who Jack was dying to touch, smiled at Laura with genuine warmth and love. “As long as you’re happy, honey.” Next to him, Scott shifted from foot to foot, just as impatient as Jack himself. Laura whirled around, seemingly just remembering that they were standing there waiting.

“Oh, Ash, let me introduce you to Brandon and Tyler’s cousins. It’s common in their family for men to be born into nonidentical twin sets. This is Scott and Jack. Guys, this is my cousin Ashleigh.”

Jack jumped and stepped forward with his brother, their backs ramrod straight as they stared at the woman in front of them.

Ashleigh’s face turned cold, her mouth pulling down on both sides.

“Nice to meet you gentlemen.”

Her tone was like ice, yet Jack wasn’t deterred. Whatever her baggage, they could cope. God knew they had enough of their own.

He stuck out his hand at the same time as Scott. He would have laughed if the moment hadn’t been so serious. This was it. With this first touch they would know if Ashleigh was the woman they’d waited twenty-five years for.

She looked at their hands as though they were the lowest form of life, but neither of them dropped their arms away.

No fucking way, beautiful. Pick one. Touch us.

Finally, Ashleigh sighed and reached up to shake Scott’s hand.

Watching it happen rather than being the first one to experience it hit Jack in the guts with disappointment, but he didn’t even blink, in case he missed something.

As her hand connected with Scott’s, Ashleigh gasped and her face reddened. Her knees obviously weakened as she began to crumple and sink closer to the ground.

Jack jumped forward to catch her and electricity shot through his body, straight through his arms and into his core, making his body want to meet the dirt himself. He groaned in time with Ashleigh, and she dropped Scott’s hand to cling to him.

Jack forced all of his strength into his legs and locked his knees while pure pleasure replaced the electrical pain. Like a cleansing white light, it slid through his chest and down his arms and legs.

She’s ours.

Ash stared up at him, her blue eyes shocked and vulnerable. Her lips parted as she took a breath, and Jack fought off the need to kiss her. His heart was thumping in his chest, and his cock stirred in his suit pants.

Ashleigh began to struggle in his arms, her eyebrows lowering as her mouth took on an angry tilt. Jack reluctantly let go of her solid warmth as soon as he was sure she could stand, and she staggered toward Laura. His arms were still tingling like he’d lifted weights for too long, yet he yearned to have her back and pressed against him.

“What the fuck was that?” Ash spat at them.

Jack bristled and lifted his hand in a sign that everything was okay when he heard several male cousins around them growl in warning.

Jack shared a look with his brother, then stared back at Ashleigh. What was the next step now?

“Ash, how long are you here for?” Laura asked, forcing Ash to stop staring at them like they’d committed some sort of crime.

“A week or so. I took some leave.”

Hell yes! They had time to convince her that she had to stay.

“Brilliant. We’re going away for the weekend, but have honeymoon plans for the summer. Will you stay with us next week when we come home again?”

Ash glanced at Scott and Jack for a moment, her brilliant blue eyes troubled. She looked back at Laura, nodding slowly.

“Yeah, sure. I’d love to catch up properly with you.”

Jack cleared his throat and held out his hand to Ash once again. He may as well start the ball rolling. They had the weekend to woo her, and he didn’t want to waste a single moment.

“Would you like a tour of the property?”

Ash glared at him with impressive strength. If she’d been a mountain lion, her fur coat would have been bristling and standing on end.

“No bloody way, and keep your hands to yourself.”

Ash turned tail in a flurry of silver silk and beautiful brown hair. Her back was ramrod straight as she stomped her way up the steps and into the house.

She’s got spunk. He had to admit, he was already proud to call her theirs.

Laura giggled, drawing their attention.

“You two are going to have your hands full with Ash if she’s yours.”

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Evernight  ~  Bookstrand  ~  Amazon (US)  ~  All Romance

Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the ‘good bits’.
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood.
When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.

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Prowling the Vet, Perfect Pairs (M/F/M) ~ Tamsin Baker


Laura is a veterinarian in a country town near the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. She’s intelligent, beautiful, over-sized, and not interested in a relationship with any man. When she literally gets knocked off her feet by a pair of twins, she’s horrified to find she can’t resist the attraction.

Brandon and Tyler have been waiting for their perfect mate since they were teenagers. Brandon’s buried himself in alcohol and women, but Tyler’s so lonely it hurts. When they meet the voluptuous Laura they must pull together to win the heart of their fated mate, and prove why a Perfect Pair of mountain lion shifters are exactly what she needs.

Be warned:  ménage sex (MFM), anal sex

Excerpt:  Warning – MFM shifter hotness!

Laura giggled with excitement and moved up onto the huge bed so that she lay with her head on the pillow. She was really going to do this—go to bed with two men, and brothers at that!

“Are you two going to join me or just stand there staring?”

The men looked between each other before they crawled onto the bed, Brandon sliding over her and using his knee to spread her legs.

“Open for me.”

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his still denim-clad ass. Heat pooled between her thighs as he took control of the situation. She hated to admit it, but she kinda’ loved it.

He kissed her lips and she reached up for his head, dragging him down so that his chest was flat against her breasts. Tingles flared between them as his tongue speared into her mouth, a groan escaping his lips when he tasted her.

“I’ll squash you,” he said against her lips and Laura laughed a little.

“You’re kidding. I love the feel of your weight on me.”

She pressed on his back and encouraged him to lay more on her.

He slowly released some of the weight he held on his arms and let it sink onto her.

A contented bliss settled over her and she sighed. “Yes.”

Brandon moaned and dove down to her neck, biting and sucking the skin along her throat, and moving down.

Laura closed her eyes and let embarrassing noises escape her, as Brandon’s mouth seared a path of heat and pleasure down her body. She ran her hands through Brandon’s short hair, touching him as much as possible as he made his way toward her breasts.

His wet lips slid over her flesh as he cupped one of her breasts with both of his massive hands and plumped it up for his mouth. The kneading sensation was comforting and arousing at the same time, and Laura opened her eyes to watch him enjoying her flesh.

He sucked the nipple into his mouth and she cried out, pleasure shooting down her belly to center between her legs. He suckled her over and over, then moved back onto his haunches to stare down at her.

Laura made some sort of pleading noise that left her mouth without her permission, and reached out for him with both hands.

“Come back, please.” She needed his heat and weight on her.

“No, it’s my turn.” Tyler muscled his brother out of the way and reached up to pull her undies down her legs.

Laura let him, impatient for more. It had been so long since she’d been touched by anything other than her vibrating toys.

“Wow, you’re even beautiful here.” Tyler ran his soft fingertips over her sensitive clit and down between her folds, making Laura’s whole body buck up, and she gasped out a huffy response.

“That’s impossible, but thanks.”

She wasn’t waxed or overly concerned about keeping that part of herself manicured. She didn’t have time or the inclination to be pretty for only herself. Now she was thinking maybe she should have.

Brandon moved so that he was shoulder to shoulder with his brother and stared down at her.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Laura tried to close her legs, but Tyler held them wide open.

Brandon shook his head and chuckled.

Laura didn’t like that at all.

“Don’t laugh at me.” She sat up and tried to twist away from them.

Brandon fell forward and pinned her back on the bed, moving onto his side and cupping her mound with his hand.

Laura turned her head away and Brandon chuckled again, his lips moving to her ear.

“I keep waiting for something about you to turn me off, but you have the best looking cunt I have ever seen.”

Laura hissed and turned her face around to glare at Brandon, but it didn’t stop him talking.

“You do. It’s a beautiful pink, the lips are symmetrical, and it has the most inviting slit I have…ever…” Brandon pressed two long fingers to her opening and she titled her hips up to let him in.

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Evernight  ~  Amazon (US)  ~  BookStrand  ~  All Romance

Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the ‘good bits’.
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood.
When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.

Author Links:

Website  ~  Blog  ~  Evernight