Visiting Authors

Below are the websites/blogs of the Author’s who I’ve had the pleasure of
having come visit me on my site. To learn more about them click on their
name below. All the links below will open up in a new tab in your browser.


The list below is alphabetical by first name

Alexa Sinclaire
Allyson Young
Amber Morgan (blog)
Andi Bremner
Angelique Voisen (blog)
April Zyon
Athena Daniels

Beth D. Carter

C.R. Moss
Cait Jarrod
Claire Gillian

D. Martin
Dana Wright
Donina Lynn
Doris O’Connor
Dulce Dennison

Elena Kincaid
Elizabeth M. VaLey
Ella Grey
Elodie Parkes (blog)
Erin Ashley Tanner
Erzabet Bishop

Gale Stanley
Gayle Cranfield
Grace Ryles

H.K. Carlton (blog)
Hazel Hughes
Heather Hambel Curley
Honor James

Iyana Jenna (blog)

J.J. Lore
J.R. Gray
Jacey Holbrand
Jennifer Denys (blog)
Jennifer Macaire
Jennifer Simpkins
Jessica Coulter Smith
Jessica Jayne
Jewel Quinlan
Jules Dixon

Kacey Hammell
Kastil Eavenshade (blog)

L.D. Blakeley
Lea Bronson
LeTeisha Newton
Libby Bishop
Lily Harlem
Liv Rancourt (+blog)
London Saint James
Lucy Felthouse
Lynn Burke

Margaret Madigan
Maia Dylan
Mary Billiter (Pumpkin Spice)
Michaela Rhua
Michelle Roth
Morgan Hunter

N.J. Young (+blog)
Naomi Clark
Nicola Cameron
Norah Bennett

Olivia R. Burton (blog)

Paige Warren
Peri Elizabeth Scott

Ravenna Tate (blog)
Rebecca Black
Remmy Duchene
Robin Badillo (+blog)
Robin Stone
Rose Wulf

S.J. Maylee
Sarah Marsh (blog)
Scarlet Chastain

Tamsin Baker
TL Reeve
Tyler Robbins (blog)

Wren Michaels

Updated April 10, 2016

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