Assignment: Second Chances (M/F/M) ~ Honor James




Olivia Smith’s heart was broken by Ulysses Jacobs when they were kids. They had their lives planned, but a misunderstanding tore them apart forever, their parents ensuring that they stayed apart as well. Now Olivia’s life has been turned upside down by a monster that she had escaped with three other women years earlier. Her only chance to stay free is to trust in Ulysses one more time.

Life has given her more than bringing Ulysses “Lee” Jacobs back to her though, it’s given her Nathan Gordon, a man she easily and quickly falls for.

These three have to work together to heal old wounds, and stop the monster once and for all before he’s able to destroy the life they are working to create together. Olivia and Lee have to overcome the pain of misunderstanding from the past, face up to the truth of their time as teenagers and learn to accept the love that they have now formed with Nathan.


She leaned back against the man at her back and moaned. This was perfect. That was the moment when she gave in. She gave up to the feelings and simply felt. She felt the impressive erection the male at her back was sporting and felt the desire in the man before her by the way that his hands moved over her breasts and shoulders.

“Much better.” Nathan’s voice was at her back, his hands drifting up and down her sides lightly as she rocked against his cock. Which meant that it was Lee in front of her trailing his mouth slowly down from her breasts, and over her belly. He nibbled on her skin as he got ever closer to where she desperately needed at least one of them to touch her. Nathan’s hands slid up her ribcage to lift, and squeeze her breasts in a gentle massage.

“I’m trying, Sir,” she told Lee and felt Nathan rubbing himself against her ass. Oh she loved it as well. She felt Nathan’s hands move to her breasts again and squeezing her nipples once more. Nathan had no idea how much she loved having her nipples pinched and squeezed. “Thank you, please Sir, again,” she begged.

Pressing his mouth to her neck he bit her lightly as he tweaked her nipples, tugging and giving them a small twist. In front of her Lee was brushing kisses so close to her pussy she could feel the heat of his every breath teasing her engorged clit. Feeling something brushing over her mound it took her a moment to realize it was his nose, and he was breathing in her scent. Something he’d done every single time right before he’d gone down on her.

She hadn’t been surprised then when Lee lifted her leg and put it up over his shoulder. This was a favorite position of his and one she was more than willing to give in to. Her hands remained behind her back and she leaned against Nathan. With the blindfold on she simply relied on her other senses, her sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. She moaned then when Lee’s mouth finally closed over her pussy.

His tongue slid slowly over her folds. She was so wet already, both from Nathan’s tricky fingers, and from her need. But having him licking her only made her more turned on. His mouth settled over her clit to suckle while he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. He began to pump them in and out slowly.

Behind her Nathan moved slightly, his hands sliding over her skin until he bent her forward just a little. One hand on her shoulder kept her from falling over. When his hand landed on her ass on a firm slap she jolted. Between the two men and their holds on her she barely moved though.

With one leg over Lee’s shoulder and her body only being held up by Nathan’s body she cried out in need. She loved the feelings that he was giving her, the way that it felt having Lee’s fingers inside of her body and then his mouth on her clit had her sobbing. Her hands shook behind her, she was barely holding herself together and keeping the stance she knew Lee wanted her to be in right then. With her hands behind her back and her body wide open for him and his every touch.

Tilting his head slightly Lee’s teeth scraped her clit lightly while Nathan slapped her ass again. She felt Lee pressing another finger into her pussy, stretching her more, and driving her higher. If she’d had the balance she’d likely have been up on her toes from the sensations pouring through her body.

“She’s close,” Nathan said behind her.

Lee only hummed, the vibrations stroking over her clit.

“Please,” she whispered as the men worked her body fiercely. “May I come?” She knew Lee, knew that she couldn’t come without his permission and she was so close. She was ready to let go and fly but only when he allowed her to. She was breathing methodically, in a way that Lee had taught her so very long ago, and it was the only thing that kept her from orgasming right then and there.

Nathan pulled her back to his chest again, his hands sliding over her breasts to cup them. His fingers pinched her nipples hard. She felt a small movement from Lee. “Come now, Olivia,” Nathan said in her ear as he tugged on her nipples.

Olivia then let go. She allowed herself to orgasm and the scream that tore free from her lips told them just how long she had waited for that moment. She felt the utter bliss as it rushed through her veins, the pure pleasure that smacked every single pleasure center in her brain and made it stand up and take notice. She loved every single second of that rippling orgasm that filled her.


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HonorJamesLogoBlackAuthor Bio:

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2012 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn’t be half the author she is today.

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